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Paperback · 423 pages
ISBN 978-0-12-374515-6 [US]
ISBN 978-3-89864-620-8 [DE]

Instructor's Page

The book originally came to be as a collection of lecture notes, and I found it to be great fun to give a full-fledged course on debugging. If you plan to give a course based on the book (or parts of it), contact me—I'll be happy to assist you with my own experience, and eager to learn from yours.


All of my Slides are available for download.

Programming Assignments

For in-depth experience, these three programming assignments may come in handy. I used these for a graduate course based on the book at the University of Washington. The students used Python for building the tools. It turned out that Python is an excellent language for all kinds of dynamic analysis.

Reference solutions for these projects are available upon request. Contact me for details.


The book contains a large number of exercises. If you need the answer to any of the questions, again contact me.

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